Preserve the value of your investments with AIRDAL!

The invisible long-term protection resistant to microbial attacks!

AIRDAL powered by Liquid Guard Technology German Innovation Award Winner 2019


AIRDAL GmbH was founded as a spin-off of Decorative Products GmbH, a long-standing partner of the aviation industry, specialising in decorative coatings. We now focus on technical coatings for aircraft cabin components. Our mission at AIRDAL is to protect and preserve the cabin in its entirety and therefore your investment. AIRDAL Coating is our aviation-approved coating that significantly delays the signs of wear in an aircraft cabin and is protected by an active antimicrobial agent from microbial attacks. 

This agent makes it resistant to microorganisms like moulds, fungus, bacteria and viruses - including SARS-CoV-2. AIRDAL Coating has been added to the CML (11LAD1) and AMM by AIRBUS and has been approved for use in the cabin by BOEING with an "NTO". AIRDAL Coating is the long-term protection for your cabin. It's award-winning technology and convenient application is unparalleled. AIRDAL Coating is suitable for line fit as well as retrofit applications and can be renewed easily.


AIRDAL Coating

Through wet wipe or spray application, AIRDAL preserves and retains the value of your cabin.


AIRDAL Coating is applied by wet wiping or spraying, without attacking the texture of the surface. After application and curing for 6 hours, the invisible film forms a durable, wear-resistant, ultra-thin layer of 100% transparent amorphous glass. The treated surfaces are easier to clean. AIRDAL Coating also contains a unique GLIDE function - it causes the silica layer to be subjected to mechanical stress first in the case of sliding contact, before it attacks the product. The treated surfaces are sealed. The here  used active agent called "Liquid Guard Technology" protects AIRDAL Coating from microbial attacks. By this AIRDAL Coating is resistant towards bacteria and viruses incl. SARS-CoV-2 and other micro-organisms in both liquid and dry state. The antimicrobial agent endures up to 12 months and even longer.

Protect your investment! AIRDAL Coating - the long-term surface finish for both hard, non-absorbent and soft, absorbent surfaces such as textiles and leather.


AIRDAL Coating - protects and preserves the value of your investment!

Easy cleaning

Facilitates cleaning

Microbial resistance

Liquid Guard Technology protects AIRDAL Coating from microbial attacks. Positive side effect: once cured, it is resistant to bacteria, viruses, moulds, fungus and other microorganisms

Mechanical protection

Sealed surfaces experience less abrasion, since the silicon dioxide layer is stressed first


Dermatologically tested - Very good


Corrosion and UV protection

Odor resistant

Resists microbial odor development


AIRDAL Coating – Application

Step 1

First degrease and clean non-absorbent surfaces with the AIRDAL Cleaner & Primer wet wipe or AIRDAL Cleaner & Primer spray.


Step 2

Coat non-absorbent surfaces with AIRDAL Coating wet wipe or spray. Absorbent surfaces can be coated directly with AIRDAL Coating spray. Now the permanent glass layer forms after 6 hours at room temperature. Drying can be accelerated. Please contact us for further information on this.


Step 3

The applied coating protects against traces of use and is protected against microbial infestation.


Stainless steel

Varnished surfaces


Input devices

High infections areas


Tech Data

Technical Specifications

  • Resistance

    glass, ceramic >40,000 cleaning cycles with water or paper towel
    precious metals >20,000 cleaning cycles with water. Plastics >5,000
    cleaning cycles with water

  • Weather proof

    2000h (ISO 11507 A) corresponds to a weathering of 3-4 years

  • Layer thickness

    approx. 150-300nm

  • Water repellent

    slightly hydrophobic

  • Temp. stability

    Temperature stability of the cured coating (after 6h): -20 degrees Celsius to +150 degrees Celsius

  • Temp. sensitivity

    Storage conditions of the liquid: Do not exceed or fall below 3-40 degrees Celsius.

  • Yield

    Wipe set with 2 wet wipes for up to 4 sqm
    Spray with 250ml for up to 50qm
    Spray with 1l for up to 200qm

  • Transparency


  • Chemical Basis

    Modified silicon dioxide

  • Shelf life

    24 months

  • Effectiveness

    up to 12 months


Our distribution partner

Satair is a key part of the Airbus Customer Services unit and a global company with more than 1,100 employees, operating from 10 locations worldwide. The company supports the complete life cycle of the aircraft with a full and integrated portfolio of flexible, value adding material management products, services and tailored support modules across all platforms.

Satair is a stand-alone Airbus subsidiary. To learn more about Satair, visit our Homepage.

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AIRDAL powered by Liquid Guard Technology German Innovation Award Winner 2019